About Cardio Infrared Technologies

About Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc

Our goal at Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. is to participate in the creation of healthier lives through detoxification, ensure access to health education materials and to foster learning and growth through lifestyle coaching relationships.We strive to encourage our clients to achieve lasting change at the core value level in their lives and empower them to move toward optimal health.

The company brought the first unit to the United States three years ago under the name Cellubike (later found to be a knockoff of the oringinal Infrafit patent). The only benefits recognized then were only the beauty benefits. Over the past 40 years the intrinsic value of infrared lights has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar beauty industry in Europe, where, typically, most beauty innovations are discovered. As our knowledge and experience with this amazing product grew, our clients and we quickly realized that the results being experienced were nothing short of astounding. Yes, the beauty benefits were still there such as weight loss, inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, and building of collagen in the skin. But, just as importantly, the body was detoxifying and promoting even better results through loss of toxins. Many clients experienced the reduction, if not total disappearance, of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, colitis, bursitis and pain from sports injuries that had plagued them for years as you can read in the testimonials. Others were surprised as scars diminished, recovery from strokes was accelerated and eczema conditions were relieved. With this exciting new information we felt it was imperative to relaunch this amazing device in a new light. We found it fitting that the new name incorporates all aspects of its capabilities, thus highlighting the medical benefits. Hence the BioFit emerged, reflecting not only the cardio benefits, but also the benefits of increasing the body’s core temperature and boosting the client’s metabolism!

The new BioFit is the lastest technology that couples infrared lights with cardio exercise to achive dramatic results.  The new BioFit is the only unit in the world that has the licence for the use of the technology that was discovered over 15 years ago and used in Europe to achive all of its benefits. Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc acquired all of the rights to this technology and then develped the BioFit.  This is just the first of many new products that will use the technology of the patent.