BioFit Benefits

Benefits of the BIOFIT
10 key ways in which BIOFIT can help improve your life

1. It changes the shape and the appearance of your body. It reduces body fat in the areas you most want and gets rid of unsightly fat deposits. A scientific research led by Societad Chilena de Obesidad has shown that BIOFIT helps you reduce body fat even without dieting.

2. It tones and strengthens your muscles. It improves your general appearance and increases the capacity of your muscles to burn fat.

3. It improves and increases your metabolism. Your metabolism becomes more efficient at burning fat. This ability improves with time and gives lasting results.

4. It detoxifies, increases longevity. Detoxification promotes cardio-vascular efficiency and reduces the risk of heart diseases. A scientific research led by Dr Adolfo Panfili, the president of the International Orthomolecular Medical Association, has shown that regular exercise on BIOFIT increases the spontaneous production of melatonin, the youth hormone.

5. It naturally reduces the level of stress, anxiety and even depression. BIOFIT exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and increases cerebral serotonin concentration improving your emotional state.

6. It increases your energy levels.During exercise your body produces more stamina, which, due to more toning and muscular efficiency, results in higher energy levels.

7. It makes you look forward to exercising. Your body no longer wants to store fat. It uses fat as an energy fuel instead of glucose. Using fat as fuel instead of glucose (sugar) slows the production of lactic acid. Exercise becomes more pleasurable and less tiring because your body will not produce lactic acid.

8. It improves your lifestyle. BIO-FIT is not only a futuristic exercise machine but it can open your eyes to a new philosophy of life and therefore live a better life.

9. It provides lasting results. The results you will obtain from exercise on BIOFIT will not only reduce your body fat but also improve your metabolism. Your body will learn to function more efficiently. Your muscles will burn more calories and fat even when resting.

10. Futuristic technology of BIOFIT MIACT (Marchesi Infrared Adiposities Catabolism Technology) is a worldwide-patented technology by Ing. Marchesi. BIOFIT has already attracted serious interest in the scientific world.


 You should exercise three times a week in 40-minute sessions. You can relax during your workout with BIOFIT by watching your favourite movie on the screen. The screen will show your heart rate, the distance travelled, the amount of time lapsed and of the time remaining. The bio mechanically researched and electronically regulated reclining position offers maximum comfort. The weight of the body is properly supported and well distributed throughout the spine. This allows the pedalling action to be less tiring, because the only muscles used are the gluteal muscles, which are the largest muscles in the body, and burns more calories than an exercise on regular bicycle equipment. The infrared stimulate the lipidic metabolism and encourage the reduction of the body parts exposed to the lights (MIACT technology). The infrared can be positioned exactly on the body parts where required. The sensors read the heart rate and communicate the information to the computer. The computer calculates and displays on the screen the optimal heartbeat range for the maximum consumption of calories and minimum fatigue per each exercise.


Losing weight is synonymous with losing toxins.
When your body is overloaded with toxins, whether it is from the contaminants in the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink, your body’s metabolism slows down. This sluggishness and lack of energy causes your body to create more fat cells to store the excess toxins, establishing a vicious cycle that  can help bring to a halt.

The pounds of toxins and waste that overload the elimination systems of the body will cause your body to prematurely age and develop chronic diseases. This is reversible! By applying infrared heat in a controlled environment to the skin, the largest organ of elimination in the body, we can help the body get rid itself of poisons and pollutants. It has been recorded that in deep perspiration the body excretes 85% water and 15% toxic waste.
Live to a ripe old age with energy and vitality.

By unburdening your body form the built up toxins and poisons that clog your organs, tissues, blood, muscles, fat and cells, you will also rejuvenate your spiritual and emotional vitality. A cleaner body will engender a livelier spirit and a true love of life well into your older years. Being able to feel alive and vibrant every day is truly a blessing.

A 40-minute session 3 times a week will provide you with:

Sweat Therapy that will increase your calorie burn up to 10 times the normal rate to aid in weight and inch loss. Increased blood circulation and increased core temperature are key factors in moving the toxins out of your body. Infrared penetrates the body up to 3 inches deep. This fact allows the body to absorb the energy from the infrared as it would absorb the energy of the sun. The absorption of this energy helps to increase the core temperature of the body and the detoxification that it promotes. As a mood booster infrared can’t be beat. You will enjoy an overall feeling of well-being starting with your very first session. Light therapy has long been used as aid in depression and respite from the doldrums and gloom of the winter and the effects of SAD.  Increased circulation will help promote collagen production and give you a super deep cleansing effect. You will see a noticeable improvement in skin texture and obvious scars through the use of infrared. Detoxify your body with regular infrared exposure and reap the benefits of natural good health.  Natural therapists confirm that sweating is a great way to remove toxins. Using infrared heat offers this benefit at a comfortable temperature. 
Infrared has been documented as aiding in the pain management and recuperation of sports injuries, arthritis and more.
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