Biofit Technology Information


MIACT  (Marchiesi Infrared Adiposities Catabolism Technology), patented globally since 1994, is based on the following four principles:

1. The first principle: The rate of metabolism depends on the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the body fat. High temperatures encourage an aerobic metobolism (the creation of energy through the combustion of carbohydrates and fats in the presence of oxygen) and inhibit anaerobic metobolism (the creation of energy through the combustion of carbohydrates only in the absence of oxygen). Low temperatures, by contrast, stimulate an anaerobic metabolism and hinder aerobic metabolism.

2. The second principle: Upon initiation of aerobic metabolism the body will use first the fat cell, which are the warmest cells (spot fat reduction).

3 The third principle: Fat is an excellent thermal isolator but it can be warmed at deep levels with infrared.  Pulsating infrared uniformaly warm even the deepest fat cells.

4. The fourth principle: The speed with which the aerobic metobolism is initiated will vary in each individual. People who lead sedentary lives will usually have an inefficient aerobic metabolism.  These individuals can usually activate their aerobic metabolism after 40 miutess of cardiovascular exercise, which can be low in intensity but must be constant and without interruption for at least that length of time.



Infrared energy, or thermal energy, without which life could not exist on this planet, penetrates the surface of the skin up to 3 inches. This is possible because the vibration produced by infrared energy is exactly identical to that of water, which makes up 75% of our bodies.  The fact that these two entities resonate at the same fequency allows our bodies to absorb up to 93% of the infrared energy and utilize it to maintain and improve our health.

Infrared energy is a part of the range of electromagnetic spectrum that are absolutely necessary for metabolism and growth in humans and are part of the natural light spectum of sunlight, minus the cancer-causing UV. NASA scientists have utilized this heat to maintain the cardiovasculare fitness of its astronauts during their in-flight phases of inactivity.