New Age of Body Sculpting


Welcome to the New Age of Body Sculpting

The BioFit machine is the result of many years of study into understanding how metabolism works and of the causes of obesity. People put weight on differently. The excess weight is either spread all over their bodies or localized in certain areas and BioFit inverts this process by focusing on the problem parts. SO YOU CAN GET THE BODY YOU WANT.

The goal of the BioFit machine is to offer long-term solutions to weight predicaments instead of offering temporary fixes for the effects of an unheallthy lifestyle or a slow metabolism. The combined action of moderate intensity physical exercise, for 40 minutes three times a week, with deep thermal heating of the affected areas of the body by pulse-synchronised infrared rays, induce lipolysis (fat is broken down to produce energy) as well as detoxifying and promoting a generally healthier functioning body.

if you are an active participant in today’s world, your body has been exposed to toxins from the air, water and food that we ingest. The BioFit’s exquisite synergy of infrared energy and a light cardio workout combine to allow the body to neutralize the fatty acids that keep us toxic and sick. Eliminating toxins on a regular basis is the key to avoiding chronic illnesses.