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LAS VEGAS, NV December 1, 2010. Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. (CDOI.PK) a leading Health and Wellness technology and marketing company, announced today the newly designed BIOFITTM   Stationary Infrared Bike (also known as the “CelluCurve”) is now in production in Italy and will be in production in the US by the first part of next year.


Wayne Bailey, President and CEO of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc., stated; “The new BioFittm  Stationary Infrared Bike; which has been in development for the past  year; is now in production  in our Facility in Bergamo, Italy. The first BioFittm was shipped to the United States October  18th for delivery to Clarity Skin at Canyon Crest 11762 South State Street Suite 200, Draper, Utah 84020. The new BioFittm is being produced in Italy while production is being brought on line in the United States. Having  two facilities that can manufacture the  new BioFittm  will help in meeting the overall demand from around the world for the BioFittm.  The Bergamo facility is currently manufacturing to fill current orders for Italy, England and the US.  The BioFittm bike manufactured in the United States solves the Euro foreign exchange rate problem, which has recently added as much as 40% to the total price of The BioFittm. The new BioFittm is approximately half the size of the old Cardio-Cor  model .” Mr. Bailey continued; “ The new BioFittm will be featured at the Anti-Aging Show Las Vegas in December this year.”


The BioFittm made in America with American parts and labor to be sold around the world. The new BioFittm not only provides jobs to Americans but also will give Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. a price advantage in the world market due to favorable foreign exchange rates.


This BioFittm model is a World market model and will provide the marketing platform for worldwide sales. The BioFittm will be the first of many new products that is based on the infrared technology that is at the heart of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc.



About Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc.

Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc is a technology and marketing company, which is focused on developing the revolutionary and evolutionary process of combining exercise equipment with medical benefits that go far beyond the normal benefits of standard exercise equipment.  Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc is committed to continue to market this equipment to the exercise and medical markets and to aggressively expand the market to every country around the world. The equipment has already been featured on Good Morning America and The View. Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc also has an aggressive growth plan that includes acquisitions and development of innovate new equipment and programs in the exercise and medical industries.

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